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Rethinking Place @EPIC International Summit

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Rethinking Place @EPIC International Summit

EPIC: The Event

The 2023 EPIC International Summit is next month! Join us in Santa Barbara, CA on April 27-29 to DISCONNECT from devices, DISRUPT the status quo and DISCOVER how to become a stronger creative leader in your field.  Learn from some of the most inspiring thought leaders, educators, executives, entrepreneurs, and artists from around the globe through a program that is dynamic and engaging.  Leave with innovative and application-based tools, strategies, and insights to effectively solve complex challenges in your professional and personal life.

Our Session: April 29, 2023 - Part of main ticket

Futuring - Rethinking Place

This is a hands-on workshop to rethink the role of space and place in your work and clients' work. In our virtual and in-person era, Pandemic recovery has challenged the questions of where we work, live, perform, collaborate, etc. We're going to use concepts from game design and experience design to rethink what role place and space can make in future business arenas and how challenging those assumptions can offer new opportunities and combinations.
Space is limited.

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