Virtual Meeting Spaces

We have meeting spaces across various Immersive Places.  Meeting with us?

FrameVR WebVR Space




The lovely people from VirBela created this beta space of where you can either choose from a variety of pre-created spaces -- and edit it with poly files, music, graphics ,etc -- or can create a space from scratch.

Spatial.Chat Rethink Next also has a image-backed space where your little bubble of you can meet at seating, theaters, outer space, etc. with others.  It has a proximity-based audio component.

Gather.Town Maremel Space

Gather town space

Gather.Town is a low-fi space where you can run through spaces, mazes, and other adventures as a little avatar -- with a bubble of your webcam. 

Mozilla Hubs

Mozilla Hubs Retreat

Mozilla Hubs lets you create graphic spaces from their starter spaces or build your own.  Here, we can meet in a lovely winter cabin year-round.  You can make some initial choices of avatars or create your own.  You can come in as an avatar or join with a heads up display. Virtual Meeting Space has sample spaces and a fairly easy entrance.  Your avatar is missing their bottom half...

Horizon Workroom: Maremel

MeetinVR needs to be installed via Virtual Meeting

Whereby image, which used to be, is closer to Zoom than WebVR.  It lets you add graphic elements and acts more as a peer-to-peer tool without downloads.

Other Spaces

There are other interesting tools, and we'll be adding pilot spaces here.  Where would you like to meet?

  • Rumii
  • Engage
  • BigScreen
  • Glue
  • MeetinVR
  • Horizon Workrooms
  • Spatial