PAST Events

Panelpicker 2021

Tectonic Mergers: Frictions in Music Education

We are excited that our session has been accepted for SXSWedu 2021! 



Formal music education remains regressive, focused on replication rather than innovation. Non-profits had stepped into the gap, embracing modern music-making and industry readiness. The pandemic’s tectonic shift to virtual creative technologies has disrupted both traditional and non-traditional teaching. Will virtual and non-traditional strategies connect these worlds post-pandemic?  Will these disruptive additions help us merge into more pluralist instructional approaches?

Learning Objectives

  • Examine the recurring narrative focused on past repertoire and pedagogical approaches dominating academic music education.
  • Explore how the omnipresent technology tools used in music are redefining the nature of musicianship and may threaten formal music education
  • Examine some existing disruptive models of music instruction and how these lead to active engagement in amateur and professional music-making.

Video on Related Session

Video from AmplifyMusic2020:

Oct 13


Panelist: Be Present Everywhere: International Marketing & Development Connections

This panel was a unique opportunity to virtually meet many of the main international collaborators around the globe. They are all dedicated to the music community and have developed music conferences, export and indie music offices, platforms, companies, and organizations for fans, artists, and related industry execs. Learn what they do, who they are and how to connect with them and their networks in order to forward your mission and to be present everywhere. 

Panelist: Gigi Johnson, Maremel Institute


Sept 24

Music Finance Forum Presented by Winston Baker

Virtual Speaker: Digital / Human Landscape

The Los Angeles Inception Orchestra invites you to participate virtually in a day of composition master classes and presentations from some of the music industry's top professionals. The evening will culminate with a virtual concert featuring original from our young composers and some of their mentors. There will be an opportunity to send in questions and interact with all of them.  FREE

Mar 27

Music Policy Forum

Co-Host: Music Policy Forum Now

Our Exec. Director co-hosted the first of what has become a weekly series under the Music Policy Forum of discussions with local music thought and action leaders.  


Feb 7

Digital Entertainment World

Moderator: RightsTech: Tools for DIY Artists

 From music, to filmmaking, to publishing, new technologies and platforms are creating ever-more tools for creators to go it alone, without a label, studio or publisher. This panel examined how artists can the newest tools to take control of their careers.  

Dae Bogan, Co-Founder and CEO, TuneRegistry
Rian Bosak, Founder and CEO, SuperBam
Alex Riggs-Miller, Founder / CEO, iProdoos, Inc.
Georgii Speakman, Founder, Outlier Co. 


  • Panelist, “Music 2030: What the Future Holds,” MusicNotes at Web Summit, Lisbon, Portugal

  • Tech and . . . Music - General Assembly, DTLA, 7 pm, Thurs. September

  • Music Finance Forum - Winston Baker, Skirball Cultural Center, West Los Angeles, September

  • Keynote and Working Conference Lead, “Future of Work,” Fielding Graduate University, Regional Gathering, Palo Alto, CA

  • Moderator and Panelist, “On Stage: Technology and Music Creation,” House of Blues All Access, Los Angeles, CA

  • Keynote Speaker, University of California Office of the President, “Augmenting Selves -- Challenges of Creating Lives and Futures in a Trained and Tracked Digital World,” Oakland, CA

  • Host and Moderator, Future of Music in Los Angeles, COMPOSE LA Event Series with the City of Los Angeles Department of Cultural Affairs

  • Panelist, “Data-Driven Management,” 1st Annual Bruin TEK Forum, UCLA, Los Angeles

  • Co-Host and Moderator, Amplify Music on the West Side, Santa Monica, CA

  • Co-Host and Moderator, Amplify Music in LA, UCLA, Los Angeles, CA

  • Panelist, “Tech and . . . Music” Symposium, General Assembly, Los Angeles

  • Panelist, “The Future of the Music Business,” Digital Entertainment World, Los Angeles

  • Panelist, SXSW, “Blueprint: Finding Sonic Voice with Social Sound,” Austin, TX

  • Moderator, SXSW, “Music Industry 3.0 – The Great Rebalancing Begins, Austin, TX

  • Keynote Speaker, “Building Creative Lives and Futures in a Trained and Tracked Digital World,” EPIC International Summit, Santa Barbara, CA


  • Keynote Speaker, “Designing for Whose Normal?”, UCLA BruinTech and UCLA AMG                      

  • Panelist, “Forward Futures: Workforce Development,” Teen Summit, LA County Alliance for Boys & Girls Clubs

  • Speaker: “How are Careers Changing and How AI and Search are Changing the World,” UCLA BruinTech

  • Panelist, “The Future of Intersection of Technology and Entertainment,” Wonder Women Tech, Long Beach

  • Research Presenter, “Playlisting Video,” The 20th Annual Mallen Scholars and Practitioners Conference in Filmed Entertainment Economics, Potsdam and Berlin 

  • Fireside Chat, “Tech changed consumption: What's the next disruption?” Collision Conference, Music Notes, New Orleans, LA 

  • Panelist, “Supercharge Student Career Superpowers,” MusicBiz, Nashville, TN 

  • Workshop Facilitator, “How to Teach Designing Your Creative Career,” SXSWedu, Austin, TX



  • Keynote, “The Mobile Living Experience: Smart Phones, Smarter Choices?” UCLA Mobile Experience Conference

  • Keynote, “Smart Phones, Smart Audiences,” SF Entertainment Commission

  • Speaker, “How Streaming Influences Concert Choices and Music Consumption,” Music Industry Research Association Conference

  • Moderator, “Music Streaming & The Splinternets: The New, Competing, Cultural Curators,” Transforming Hollywood 8

  • Speaker, “Tech Tools for Music Industry Exploration,” MusicBiz 2017

  • Keynote Speaker, “Accelerating Technology and its Impact on the Music Industry,” Private conference