Mixing Technology, Media, Education, and Social Change

Mixing Technology, Media, Education, and Social Change

We stand at a crossroads of change.  Powerful forces are transforming what is possible in media, education, and other cultural industries.

Maremel builds learning environments and organizational change opportunities with its partners for social change.

Maremel Institute

  • Builds learning programs with universities and other organizations--how to teach executives and students to embrace and understand how technology-enabled change
  • Builds training and professional development programs for adult and higher education on technology-enhanced teaching and learning.
  • Advises organizations how to bolster forward-thinking change: across whole organizations, departments, or executive teams.

Maremel Media

  • Builds interactive and live media for education.  Our videos and live events help schools, teachers, adults, kids, artists, and other individuals embrace how to work with technology for their own lives.
  • Builds multimedia content platforms for higher education use.
  • Produces socially conscious media for teaching about history, storytelling, and technology.  This media includes live events, music, and multimedia content.

How can we help you?  How can we help your organization?  Your future?