Smart Smartphones

Are you part of one of our library programs?  Join us at your local library for a fun program for adults to help you learn how your smartphone can be used to enhance your life, expand your memory, and make safe and smart decisions.

Dr. Gigi Johnson will talk about how to use your smartphone to feel more digitally empowered! This program will be great for those who are already familiar with how to use smartphones and are interested in learning what else their phone can do.  Dr. Gigi Johnson, founder of Maremel Media, brings people and smart tech together to help understand how we live, work and learn.

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About Our Smart Living with Smartphones programs.

We have been running our How2Digital and Click2Discover programs for adults since 2004 -- a long time! However, we began our programs for Smartphones, especially for older adults, in 2018 based on our own experiences with the newer adoptees in our own families and lives.

We have been humbled and excited to help older adults figure out how to "partner with a smart phone for a smarter life boost." A smartphone is a small doorway to a larger world that is both trying to get their money and data, but also that can reduce isolation, connect with passions and family, and bring them vital data on saving money and living a bigger life.