Amplify Music: Resilience and Community Ecosystems

April 17, 23, and 24, 2020 | Virtual Gathering/Conference

How can we learn from other local communities creating Resilience in the music social/structural disruption/reconstruction under COVID-19?

Mission: A gathering of lived experiences and workable ideas

We brought together diverse music leaders and creators online to learn and share from local community response, emergent solutions, and heroic efforts to support local artists, venues, creative communities, and support networks in the surge/challenges of the COVID-19.

  • Unique practices that may transfer to other areas
  • Ways to learn between great ecosystems and communities of communities
  • New combinations of business and community models - bridges beyond streaming
  • “After” - rebuilding trust, conflicts for space/time/funds, challenges of funding in a community rebuilding mode

The Gathering was April 17, 23, and 24

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